The Civil Society Forum will convene prior to the Eye on Earth Summit

The Eye on Earth Summit will be preceded by the Civil Society Forum on December 11th.

The rationale for holding the Civil Society Forum is rooted in the fact that Major Groups and stakeholders of civil society play an important role as an information source, an information interface with the general public and public authorities, a recipient of information, and a participant in decision making processes. They use most of the available environmental information in their daily work and have an interest in comprehensive, reliable and adequate information and thus they constitute as representatives of the public and key decision makers, the most important recipient of environmental information.

The purpose of this Civil Society Forum is to provide an opportunity for up to 150 Civil Society representatives prior to the summit to prepare and consolidate their inputs into the Summit, to promote the international agenda for improved access and ability to use and leverage environmental data and information for the benefit of all communities of our global society. 

The Forum is expected to solicit inputs of civil society in addressing the overall expected result of the Summit, and to help create a consensus on key areas of access to environmental and societal information, and to collaborate towards strengthening existing initiatives and filling gaps towards more informed policy making and a sustainable future.

The agenda for the Civil Society Forum is currently under preparation and will be made available in due time on the following website: