Working Group 3 Technical Infrastructure

Will focus on the technical components of the environmental information federation frameworks, addressing information and communications technology interoperability, connectivity, data standards, data format and content standards, and other such issues.

This includes standards for the capture, description, and structuring of scientific data, and the development and delivery of various products and services.

The primary initial themes to be addressed by this Working Group include the following:

  • Shared, multi-purpose technical infrastructure
  • Current technology gaps and improving availability and access to environmental data and bridging the data gaps to meet today's environmental challenges
  • Recent technological advances in data collection: from satellites to ground sensors networks
  • Technology Support and Capacity Building
  • Data ontologies, semantics and standards
  • Product and service standards
  • Metadata and data discovery

Group Members


Harlan Onsrud, Global Spatial Data Infrastructure (GSDI)
Hossam Allam, Centre for Environment and Development for the Arab Region and Europe (CEDARE)


Eric van Praag, Program GeoSUR
Suha Ulgen, UN Geographic Information Working Group
, Google, Inc.
Stefan Jensen, European Environment Agency (EEA)
Kate Krukiel, Microsoft
Emil Cherrington, CATHALAC
Rob Atkinson, CSIRO
Nadine Alameh, Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)
Sunil Abraham, Centre for Internet and Society
Paul Smits, Joint Research Centre
Fahad Al-Awadi, Regional Organization for the Protection of Marine Environment (ROPME)
Wim Hugo, South African Environmental Observation Network
Maria Cristina Bueti, International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
Gail Hodge, Information International Associates (IIA)
Pornsook Chongprasith, Air Quality and Noise Management Bureau
Rick Ziegler, US EPA
Jay Pearlman / Steve Browdy, EIEE, GEOSS
Luc Boerhoom, ITC
Dozie Ezigbalike, UNECA

White papers demonstrating the key issues, challenges, opportunities and way forward produced by the Technical Infrastructure Working Group include the following:

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