Eye on Global Network of Networks

logoThere is significant interest in the Eye on Earth community to explore further alignment of various existing and planned local, national, regional and global networks.

Information and communication technologies, as well as the social networking and crowd-sourcing capabilities that these facilitate, are recognised as key to support other environmental and socio-economic information and knowledge. The current challenge is that many of these networks which directly or indirectly address environmental issues are not connected.

The aim of this Special Initiative is to link these networks to promote the availability of environmental information at a global to local level and support this by establishing strong institutional arrangements and synergies that currently exist or are planned. This includes programmes such as UNEP-Live, and the Eye on Earth application, which is under development as a collaborative effort between the European Environment Agency (EEA), Microsoft and ESRI. 

There is also interest in strengthening collaboration and alignment with GEO/GEOSS, INSPIRE, EIONET, UNEP-Live, AGEDI, UNSDI, GGIM, GSDI, GBIF, GeoSur, Global Pulse and other such global intergovernmental and multi-stakeholder initiatives.