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European Environment Agency


The European Environment Agency (EEA) is an agency of the European Union, with 39 member and associate countries and 490 million citizens. The EEA and the European environment information and observation network – Eionet - were established in 1994 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Agency aims to provide sound, independent information on the environment and the evaluation of policies to its main clients - the European Union institutions, its member countries, international and regional bodies such as the UN and to the general public. The business community, academia, non-governmental organisations and civil society are also important users of the EEA’s data and information. Throughout its 15 years, the EEA has continued to produce European, regional and global assessments of the state of the environment. Over the past five years, the increasing demands on the EEA and Eionet to share and publish their environmental information and to encourage two-way communications with governments, citizens and communities, have led to significant changes in the way the Agency does its work. To support this, One key element has been the development of the EEA’s multi-lingual environmental information platform Eye on Earth, which provides users with intelligent maps, easy access to data from near real-time environmental observations, monitoring stations, sensors and satellites across the world, model outputs, mobile applications, films and images.

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