Khatib and Alami (K&A)

Khatib and Alami (K&A), is the leading GIS services and utility solutions provider in the Middle East, Gulf and North Africa regions. K&A started in 1959 as a multidisciplinary architectural and engineering consulting company and in 1988 extended its offerings to include GIS services. K&A is the First Esri Gold Partner in the Middle East Africa. K&A employs over 120 GIS professionals including: GIS specialists, analysts, system architects, developers, and technicians. K&A has successfully implemented many enterprise solutions for various industries such as: electricity, water/wastewater, municipalities, transportation, real estate, facility management, telecom, planning and mobile solutions. The K&A services include: enterprise GIS solutions, consultancy services, database modeling and building, database management and administration, application design and development, system design & integration, capacity building, technical support, operation & maintenance.

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