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Data Basin is a free, online system that connects users with spatial datasets, tools, and expertise. Individuals and organization can explore and download a vast library of datasets, upload their own data, create and publish analysis, utilize working groups, and produce customized maps that can be easily shared. To address the need to connect science, policy, and the people making change on the ground, the Conservation Biology Institute (CBI) worked with partners to design and construct Data Basin. It is a web-based, mapping and collaboration platform that provides access to thousands of well-documented spatial datasets, non-technical visualization and analysis tools, functionality to assist collaborations, and networks of scientists, practitioners, and interested citizens

URL: https://databasin.org/
NOTES: TS or IF This was initially included in Technology Showcase, but could be IF as well.
DISPLAY: Accessing the live site may be most appropriate.
Participants: Conservation Biology Institute (CBI)